U-BOAT: Cool Italian Design in watches and accessories

The distinguishing features common to all U-BOAT collections are their quality, the materials selected, the craftsmanship involved in their construction and the “Made in Italy” factor. Boasting Swiss movements, all the watches are produced one by one and assembled by craftsmen at the brand’s headquarters in Lucca, Tuscany, the homeland of Owner and Chief Creative Officer Italo Fontana. The majority of U-BOAT pieces use advanced and unusual techniques and materials - acid baths, carbon fiber, etc. All materials interest Italo, from classic steel to titanium, tungsten, carbon, bronze, gold, silver and ceramic. Italo loves to create without being influenced by current market trends. Italo Fontana has a perfect understanding of the meaning of innovation. Whether by introducing new ideas, devices and methods, or by translating ideas or inventions into systems and mechanisms, he consistently creates value for customers.